Is it on? Or is it not on?

Status of the Event.

Dayboro Events. On the back of the CoVid-19, we are figuring out what to do and how to go from here. This website,, is no exception. Do you have any idea how hard it is to gather all the events, and then try to ensure they are correctly listed? Things change day-by-day it is […]

Step 1 Dayboro Events Data extraction

Social Media Posting Steps

The Dayboro Events Data extraction Plan. We want to promote the Dayboro Events to a broader community, this means we have to get our “hands” on the Dayboro Events Data which is stored in the database. To post to social media we have two options, one is to visit the event post and publish it […]

Dayboro Events Calendar for mobile phones

Dayboro Events Responsive

Updated the Events Calendar to be more responsive. Some users mentioned that the monthly calendar is a bit small, and it is. When you use the Dayboro Events calendar on the phone it will default to an agenda view.  You can scroll through the view (see video) select the item you are interested etc etc. […]

Dayboro Events linked back to Directory.

Dayboro events linked to #whatsondayboro

Your Dayboro events now part of YOUR directory listing Dayboro Events linked back to your directory listing is just something we came up with today. We continuously trying to improve the Lions Dayboro & District Business Directory. Why don’t we link the Dayboro Events back to the organisers that are listed in the Dayboro Directory? […]