Is it on? Or is it not on?

Dayboro Events.

On the back of the CoVid-19, we are figuring out what to do and how to go from here. This website,, is no exception.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to gather all the events, and then try to ensure they are correctly listed?

Things change day-by-day it is hard work.

Removing events that are postponed or cancelled is not a good thing as it creates havoc with the webpage and sites that link back to this website. Dayboro and Surrounds Business Directory, for example, is linking back to this site, as it is part of the Lions Dayboro Directory online. 

How to inform people about the Things to do in Dayboro.

We are making this site as informative as we can, without cluttering it too much. We noticed that the Dayboro Community board, that electrical one, is getting “clogged up”. Not so much with community notices, more so with commercials. 

The challenge we face is to keep the data on this site as up to date as we possibly can. For some events we have no idea if they are getting out of CoVid-19 hibernation or not, we cannot ring around every day and hassle folks about their activity. For sure everybody has better things to do. 

For that reason, we included tags and pointers as part of the events. 

Your guess is as good as mine.

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to some events, but we will have a good crack at it to get you the best possible information on #whatisonindayboro. When we are made aware of an event, a few things happen (but more on that later) we let you know if the event is postponed or if it “is a go”. 

Events in Dayboro can change quickly; it all depends on the organisers, who as previously mentioned, are busy and have better things to do than to update us on the stats. To make it all a bit easier, we introduced a new “Tag” if you like. It is “Check with Organiser”.

Check with Dayboro Event Organiser

What does that mean? In simple terms… “We have NO IDEA if this event is on or not”. The backend of this site and the content is maintained by HELP4BIS, we simply do not have the time or resources follow up. Needless to say that we do all of this for FREE, there is NO cost to the Lions what so ever. 

To keep things “reasonable” the TAG “Check with Organiser” is our way to say, “we do not know for sure” so you should hassle the organiser on the status. 

If it is on or if it is not on. 

What about the other status options?

As part of the CoVid-19 initiative, we added the option to set a status for an event quickly. Setting status in one place is especially is handy for repeating events.

  • Scheduled, this means it is on. 
  • Rescheduled, this means it is happening on another date. 
  • Postponed, this means the event is planned, but we do not know when it is going to happen. A typical scenario, like this, where we would add the “Check with Organiser” tag. 
  • Moved Online, a lot of events have moved online due to the CoVid-19 restrictions. 
  • Cancelled, precisely that, this does not mean the event will never be back on. It just means it is not going to happen shortly. 
As with all articles on this website (Dayboro Events) they are the views and updates provided by the webmaster. These views are not necessarily to align with the views of the Dayboro Lions or Lions in general.
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