How to add an event

Get all the information you need

When you ad an event, we will ask you for: 

  • Event title
  • Event description
  • Time and date

It is free but coffee is welcomed

Venue and organiser

Enter the venue (location) where the event is held and the organiser. 

If they are not listed feel free to add them to the list

Event Website

If the event has a website, this can be a facebook site, link to any website really, then you can add that to your event. 

If you charge for the event... feel free to enter the amount, pls put a "$" infront of it. 

Accept the term and conditions

Terms and conditions are the normal jargon, it is pretty much saying... what ever happens it is not our fault (the designers and owners of this website)

Are you ready to add an event?

Ok if you are ready you click on the "add now" button and to enter the event details. 

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