What about Dayboro Events

What about Dayboro Events?

What’s on Dayboro? It is a question often asked, especially when you are new to the area or if you are not a “Social Butterfly”. Generally, you hear about an event after the event :-). 

Most events are mentioned either before, during or after they happen on Dayboro Chit Chat. Dayboro Chit Chat is the “go-to” Facebook site for Dayboro. 

Initially, all the events information was part of the Dayboro Directory, we found that worked ok initially, however to future proof the events site we decided to put the events on its own domain. 

It is still well and truly a Dayboro Lions initiative and part of the Dayboro Directory initiative which is aiming for a single source of truth for business and events information online. 


What if you do not have Facebook?

Facebook has, arguably, had its prime. Not everybody is on Facebook might not want to be or has other “job” restrictions on why they should not be on Facebook. 

This site should solve all of that; we promote local businesses and promote events in Dayboro online. Without the need for a Facebook account.

Where do the Dayboro Events come from?

We get our information from the local community; this is either through direct email, word of mouth or direct entry from the organisers of the event into this website.

That image in the header?

The image in the header was kindly donated by Danielle from RDS.INK we affectionately adopted it as our LOGO. 

Dayboro Events, off we go to dayboro